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May 3, 2014 9:45am EDT
century's most infamous names. herman goering, hitler's number two, commander of germany's air force, the luftwaffe, and the force behind the third reich's final solution. albert spear, hitler's architect and the armaments minister. to mine granite used in germany's granite plants. the field marshal and second only to hitler in germany's military hire ary. the reich's labor minister in charge of what one historian called, quote, the greatest round-up of slaves in history. and hans frank, hitler's personal lawyer and eventually the governor general of to polander where he earned pick names such as slayer of the poles and the butcher of cra cow. on that friday in june, 1947, von poppen testified in courtroom 600. when he finished, all 21 of the nazi prisoners, including the catholics and those who had refused any spiritual counsel, signed it. it read in part: your husband, pastor gerecke, has been taking religious care of the undersigned defendants during the nuremberg trial. he has been doing so for more than half a year. we now have heard, dear mrs. gerry key, that you wish to see him bac
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1